Champion Standard Poodles, we hope you enjoy taking a look!

Breeding and showing Standard Poodles is a tremendously enjoyable hobby, we choose carefully among the best dogs available, when breeding one of our girls we have travelled long distances to find and utilize that “special” dog, breeding poodles for beauty, brains and temperament is our goal.  Our sincerest thanks to all of the folks that have helped along the way on our quest to breed that “perfect” Standard Poodle.

Champion Judge’s Bravo Bravo

Sire: CH. Dawin Encore
Dam: CH. Judge’s Breaking The Glass Ceiling
Bravo, simply gorgeous, perfectly presented by Sharon Svoboda,Puppy Champion, bright, alert,with incredible presence in the ring Bravo was born to be a show dog.
Bravo finished for Champion in 2010, looking forward Bravo will be an important part of our future as Standard Poodle Breeders



Champion Standard PoodleChampion Judge’s Queen Of The Surf  “Peggy Sue”

Sire: CH. Boxwood BrainTeaser
Dam:CH. Judge’s Tropical Impression
Peggy Sue just narrowly missed finishing as a puppy, shown with Judge Dennis McCoy after an impressive major win, many thanks to Christine Nethery of Boxwoods for use of her boy “Bert” his wonderful qualities certainly shine thru with our girl.  Peggy Sue is another 2010 Champion



Champion Standard PoodleChampion Judge’s One Way Or Another

Sire: CH. Kaylen’s Reason To Believe
Dam: CH. Judge’s Tropical Impression
“Blondie” has the sweetest disposition, Blondie gorgeous like her parents, personality that would make any Poodle breeder smile, Blondie now has pups in the ring sired by Bar-None On The Prowl To Avatar, with such a  royal pedigree we will need to make some room on the page for Blondie’s kids soon!



Champion Standard PoodleChampion Bar-None Judge’s Go To Guy

Sire: CH. Avatar Concord
Dam: CH. Bar-None You Go Girl
We acquired Guy from his breeder Nancy Wilson (Bar-None Poodles) Guy is typical Bar-none gorgeous wonderfully black, tons of leg and neck with balance and top line, Guy is now spending his retirement days on his “farm” where has proven to be a top notch companion.



Champion Standard PoodleChampion Judge’s Proof Positive “Tiki”

Sire: CH. Kaylen’s Reason To Believe
Dam: CH Judge’s Tropical Impression
Tiki, gorgeous blue boy, wonderful expression with a temperament to match, always ready to please Tiki has been a pleasure to own, he is a great example of what we as Poodle breeders are trying to achieve, Tiki is retired now with his new family in Oklahoma.



Champion Standard PoodleChampion Judge’s Tropical Impression

Sire: CH. Avalon’s Atlantis
Dam: Safari’s Midnight Sunburst
Stella, one our gorgeous white girls, Thanks, to Dr. Mary Skog of Avalon poodles for use of her incredible Best In Show winner Tyler, Stella has produced 3 Champion Poodles so far and has others on the way! Be sure to Check out our newest Champion “Peggy Sue”



Champion Standard PoodleChampion Judge’s Dazzlin The Strip “Vegas”

Sire: CH. Bar-None Roger That
Dam: CH Judge’s Lady Marmalade
Dazzlin the Strip “Vegas” we think she was aptly named because she dazzles! Thanks to Nancy Wilson of Bar-None Poodles for the opportunity to use Roger in our Standard Poodle breeding program, Vegas is gorgeous black, happy upbeat personality, her pups will be hitting the show ring soon!



Champion Standard PoodleChampion Judge’s There’s A New Sheriff In Town “Dillon”

Sire: CH. Bar-None Roger That
Dam: Judge’s Cultured Lady
Dillon another gorgeous “Roger” puppy, as a Poodle breeder it is always special when your pups win early, Dillon did that and more, Dillon is currently utilized in our breeding program and is producing nicely.




Champion Standard PoodleChampion Judge’s Breaking The Glass Ceiling  “Condie”

Sire: CH. Jaset’s Sparks Will Fly
Dam: Judge’s Tree Top Star Gazer
Sometimes as Standard Poodle breeders we get big results from small packages, that is certainly the case with Condie, shown here taking best of variety out of the 6-9 puppy class at the 2006 Indy winter specialty a big win for sure! Condie is producing “big” check out her boy Champion Judge’s Bravo Bravo



Champion Standard PoodleChampion Judge’s Lady Marmalade  “Sissy”

Sire: CH. Peckerwood’s Man From La Marka
Dam: Safari Midnight Sunburst
Every body loves Sissy! Ready for a walk, car ride, a game of fetch or her favorite activity sitting on the couch Sissy is a first class companion, she has also contributed to our Poodle breeding program with her gorgeous daughter Vegas




Champion Standard PoodleChampion Judge’s Captain Bligh

Sire: CH. Avalon’s Atlantis
Dam: Safari Midnight Sunburst
Captain, wonderful example of soundness, Captain now spends his days lounging with his buddies and going on the occasion jog. Captain’s sire Best in Show winner CH. Avalon’s  Atlantis is a highly accomplished dog, we feel lucky to have used him in our Poodle breeding program, we also have been blessed with Dr. Mary Skog’s friendship and incredible base of knowledge.



Champion Judge’s Tree Top Astronaut

Sire: CH. Lake Cove Standing Tall At Tree Tops
Dam: CH. Safari Midnight Sunburst
When we travelled to Pennsylvania to use Tony and Diana Caulfield’s exceptional boy Dawson we knew we were breeding to a great dog with an incredible pedigree, what we did not know was that we would start a wonderful friendship with two fantastic people, we look forward to PCA every year as it gives a chance to meet up with the Caulfield’s , Tony and Diana have had a lot of success as breeders of some outstanding Poodles and they have a been a huge asset to us as they share their knowledge, expertise and their love of dogs.


Champion Standard PoodleMiniature Co Owned with Brenda Wood

Sire: CH. Alegria Urban Cowboy
Dam: CH. Aery’s It’s All About Eve At Alegria
The Standards are are main objective but we have always enjoyed keeping a “lap” dog, we asked our handler Sharon Svoboda to locate a high quality mini, after some searching we were lucky enough to end up with Flirt, with a pedigree that is truly exceptional Flirt lived up to her heritage, finished easily as a puppy with multiple best of variety wins, Flirt has just had her first litter (August 2010) look for Flirt puppies in the ring in 2011!  Thanks Brenda!

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